About U.S. Stair

Roland Scholler

Roland Scholler

Owner and founder Roland Scholler, was born and raised Regina Saskatchewan, Canada.

From childhood on Roland developed a deep appreciation for carpentry through his father who is a master carpenter. Roland's father loved the adventure of designing and building complicated, custom homes, furniture, cabinets and of course, stairs. He passed on his knowledge to Roland and his older brother who would help their father carefully layer strips of wood to bend railings and stringers for the staircases they were crafting.


From these early experiences, Roland developed a belief that his projects should be built to last so they may be enjoyed for generations.

In the early eighties Roland's father decided to begin exporting his staircases into the United States and Minneapolis, Minnesota became a hub for those exports. As business expanded, the decision was made to begin manufacturing some of the larger stairs here and the rest is in the history books.

Roland Scholler took over U.S. Stair LLC and has continued on the family tradition ever since. Over the years he has developed many new methods of constructing stairways. With these new ideas he has been able to make the stair designs more flexible and unique along with making them stronger and more durable to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

U.S. Stair fabricates custom made stair parts along with offering standard stair parts from major manufacturers; we also handle all varieties of stair hardware necessary to complete any project.