All wood curved staircases

Choose the warmth and beauty of an all wood staircase. First you have the choice of any shape you can dream of and then you can furnish your stair with any wood species, baluster, newel and handrail shape you desire. Your options are virtually limitless.

Anderson-1Anderson-2Capone-1 Capone-2 Carter-Stair-Pic Cash-1 Cash-2 Dave-1 Dave-2 Hoft-4 Insurance-1 Insurance-2 Nicoloff-Stair-Pic Wedding-Cake Wold-1 Wold-2 Wold-3 Wold-4 Y-Shape-1 Y-Shape-2

U.S. Stair fabricates custom made stair parts along with offering standard stair parts from major manufacturers; we also handle all varieties of stair hardware necessary to complete any project.