The Journey

The Journey

We are asked often "How do you come up with your ideas to build these stairs?" The answer always is "We use the customer's thoughts and desires to build on, and then we fine tune those ideas until the client is satisfied."

Phase one:

Through a series of meetings between You- the client, Architect, the Builder, Designer and ourselves, we map out what the goals are and proceed onto preliminary drawings.

Phase two:

We revise the preliminary drawings and specifications until you are satisfied. Once we have a final decision we can take the next step closer to production.

Phase three:

Render a final shop drawing that the contractor can use to build the required openings and structure needed to house your stair. We will also work closely with the contractor's framers to insure that if a problem arises it can be dealt with immediately.

Click Here to see some final shop drawings and how they transform into finished staircases my past clients have designed.

Phase four:

Build your stair at our facility and deliver it out to the home site ready for installation. We believe, just like with kitchen cabinets and fine custom furniture, that we have better quality control over our product building it in our shop verses onsite.

Phase five:

Install your staircase, as planned, into your new home ready for the painters to work their magic.

Phase six:

A happy customer and many years of trouble free service with our product.

U.S. Stair fabricates custom made stair parts along with offering standard stair parts from major manufacturers; we also handle all varieties of stair hardware necessary to complete any project.