Phase 3: More Shop Drawings

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This rendering is a free standing stair that has a very- tight inside radius with straight treads morphing into bow-shaped treads.

This staircase has a large radius with bow-shaped treads all the way down. Note: At the stair's base it must conform to an odd shaped wall.

This is a drawing of a massive front entry and how the stair fits into the space. It is important to show how the stair fits in the entry so the staircase is not too large nor too small.

Spirals are always difficult to position so it is very important that they be laid out first so the client can determine if they like how the stair starts at the top and ends at the bottom.

Spirals aren't always round on the outside curve so it is important that the client can visualize what the stair will look like before it is built.

Some projects become very detailed and it is important that clarification is always available. As seen in this depiction it is very important that everyone is on the same page before the building process begins.


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