Code of Conduct

A Promise

At U.S.Stair we believe in working hard to make sure the customer receives what they have paid for. We will deal fairly and live up to the contract we have entered into. We will supply top-quality materials and then install them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Health and Safety

We are also a company that strives for a secure work environment. Each U.S. Stair employee has the responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for everyone concerned. We do this by keeping our work areas clean at all times, practicing safe work procedures and using well kept and up to date tools to do our job. It shows respect and professionalism, something we strive for at U.S. Stair each and every day.

Clean Workspace 2 Clean Workspace

U.S. Stair fabricates custom made stair parts along with offering standard stair parts from major manufacturers; we also handle all varieties of stair hardware necessary to complete any project.